Tencent (VooV Meeting) Guide for Participants

EAI ICECI 2020 will take place in Tencent (VooV Meeting). 

The pre-recorded presentations will be streamed according to the Program of the Conference which is scheduled to start on the 6th of November at 9:00 (Changsha China Time Zone GMT+8). Each presentation will last about 15 minutes, followed by a short Q&A moderated by the Session Chair in platform SLACK. Authors and co-authors are required to be online at the set time to ensure a lively and constructive discussion of their research paper. Author presence in the live Q&A is a prerequisite for having the paper published in the proceedings.

How to Join the Sessions (for authors, discussants, and attendees)

  1. Install Tencent (VooV Meeting) in advance. Link to download the Tencent (VooV meeting) here.
  2. Join the meeting: https://voovmeeting.com/s/O4FdNxrs4Sv7
    Meeting ID: 418 077 739
  3. Please join the Q&A session in the Slack platform here.