Accepted papers

SDN-based QoS for Edge Computing-IoT Systems: Review and Case Studies
The Data Exchange Protocol over Multi-chain Blockchain Using Zero-knowledge Proof
A Novel Location Free Link Prediction in Multiplex Social Networks
Research on DAG Based Consensus Mechanism for Adjustable Load Metering Data
A Multi-Layer Distributed Framework for Event-based Water Management System
A Hybrid Task Offloading and Service Cache Scheme for Vehicular Edge Computing
Forecasting the Temperature of BEV Battery Pack based on Field Testing Data
On Enhancing Transmission Performance for IoV Based on Improved Greedy Algorithm
LSTM-DAM: Malicious Network Traffic Prediction for Cloud Manufacturing System
A Detection and Information Processing Model based on an Automatic Mechanism for Tax Payment Control in Developing Countries
Demons Hidden in the Light: Unrestricted Adversarial Illumination Attacks
Training Node Screening in Decentralized Trusted Federated Learning
Precise Segmentation on Poly-Yolo, YoloV5 and FCN
Defense Mechanisms against Audio Adversarial Attacks: Recent Advances and Future Directions
An Empirical Study of Worldwide Plastic Waste Mitigation
Edge Intelligence Based Garbage Classification Detection Method
Prediction for Surface Subsidence of Shield Construction in Water-Rich Sand Egg Stratum Based on Edge Intelligence
Highly Accurate Dynamic Gesture Recognition Method Based on Edge Intelligence
A Co-caching Strategy for Edges Based on Federated Learning and Regional Prevalence
Federated Learning Based User Scheduling for Real-Time Multimedia Tasks in Edge Devices
Exploration and Practice of Course Homework Metaverse Based on Extended Reality under Edge Computing
Re-Optimizing Food Systems: For a Better Future
Evaluation of Higher Education System
IEC-FOF: An Industrial Electricity Consumption Forecasting and Optimization Framework
Adversarial Example Attacks in Internet of Things (IoT)